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Done Right Roofing & Exteriors specializes in roof installation, repair, restoration & replacement services. We have 20+ years and offer premier solutions for all roof types!
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How long does the roof last?

A roof’s longevity is mainly based on four main factors: Products used, Correct application, Maintenance, and Weather. Please contact us to learn about the long-lasting products we use, their life expectancy, and why we chose them. As far as proper application, you can depend on our many years of experience and commitment to quality service.

Are your products expensive?

We never compromise quality because of price. Having said that, we offer multiple product lines to help meet your budget requirements.

How do we know the roof will hold up?

Our roofs stand up to the test! We’ve been in business 23 years, we are not going anywhere. Colorado Springs is home for us! Done Right Roofing ensures your roof will last through your warranty term and we also provide free, thorough inspections for value-added confidence.

Through our membership with Choice Roof Contractor Group, those who choose any of the Conklin product lines benefit from a lifetime service guarantee which solves the common problem of not having an available contractor with the right knowledge when the previous installer is inaccessible.

What is the rating of your waterproof coatings?

Most of the roof restoration products we use are Energy Star certified, have a Class 4 impact rating (i.e. stands up extremely well against hail), government approved for high-velocity hurricane zone where winds exceed 150 mph, and carry FM, UL, ICC, and CRCC code approvals.

Who is Choice Roof Contractor Group?

Choice Roof Contractor Group™ is a nationwide network of professional roof contractors who provide commercial roofing services. Members are known for their high-performance standards, quality workmanship, reliable and efficient roof servicing, and shared commitment to all-around excellence and professionalism. We joined this group to provide better service to our customers and give them greater peace of mind with the lifetime service guarantee provided.